GARDEN STATE OPERA                                 The New Jersey Opera Company - 2017 Season

The ghost of Virgil leads the poet Dante to the edge of the first circle of the Inferno. They descend into the second, where the wordless chorus of the damned souls is heard. Virgil tells Dante that this is the realms where sinners given over to lust are punished, buffeted by an eternal whirlwind. Dante asks two such souls, Francesca and Paolo, to tell their story who do and then recede in the whirlwind. Dante is overcome with pity and terror, and he and Virgil remain with the thought: ‘There is no greater sadness in the world than to remember a time of joy in a time of grief’.
Bastien und Bastienne was one of Mozart's earliest operas, written in 1768 when he was only twelve years old. Bastienne, a shepherdess, fears that her "dearest friend", Bastien, has forsaken her for another pretty face and requests the help of Cola’s magical powers to help win back her Bastien. Finally, the two decide that they have gone far enough and agree to reconcile. Colas joins them as they all sing a final trio in praise of the magician.

W. A. Mozart
Sergei Rachmaninov 

Tony and Susan Lowell are a struggling young couple living in the state of Nevada in the 1980’s. Their Marriage has hit rock bottom and they have come upon it’s worst crisis yet. On the brink of divorce they decide to give it one last chance for love and go to meet a famous Marriage Counselor in town, Mr. Tenenbaum.The opera ends with the Lowell’s in love again and the counselor, happily grinning and satisfied for another successful session to add to his professional resume.